Alpha bets on words !

Action speak louder than words, yeah go ahead follow it blindly! But if you have it in you to challenge the mainstream, think about words for a while.

No offense yet I would like to take a hit at your very basic identity, which is your name.Name that you have been given consists of alphabets which in turn make up words. If you can live a nameless life than Bravo! you have successfully justified that actions matter most. Just wait a minute here, you being nameless; that does not sound right, does it?

So you do want a name; a name to identify yourself with, a name to brand yourself, a name to tell stories with, a name you inherit, a name you would want to pass on, a name to carve on your grave.

That is why an alpha always bets on words! The truth, success is sometimes a phone number. Leave actions aside for a while and let words win you some!



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